Surveillance Services

Confidential Surveillance Services in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley, Malaysia
We cater effective surveillance services of spouse, partner, children, family member, debtors, law breakers, or corporations throughout Malaysia with absolute confidentiality and discreet. 

Our private investigator will monitor full lifestyle, behavioural patterns, and other activities of the person of interest tactfully
. Moreover, our corporation surveillance services will keep a watchful eye on your appointed corporation who might be conducting illegal activities such as toxic waste dumping, illegal logging, or even financial frauds at competitive price, with a guaranteed success rate.
24-Hour Discreet Monitoring Services in Malaysia
Contact us about our private investigator service now for effective surveillance service, cheating spouse monitoring service, background checking service, and corporation surveillance service throughout Malaysia, especially in Klang Valley and Selangor.

Pre Marital Investigations

Pre Marital Investigations

It’s a misnormar that Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations assignments are very expensive, please do not hesitate to contact Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations for any advice & help on any of the subject.
Thousands of such cases have been undertaken by Fly Investigator in the past. Statistics reveal that 50% of information, given prior to the marriage is false. Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations has found that statistics can be more, when bad luck puts you up with unscrupulous, wicked people, who are interested in just getting married somehow by hook or by crook because, once the marriage is solemnized, one has to tolerate with the same Spouse for the rest of their lives.
Marriage is one amongst the chief decisions of an individual's life, as a new person is going to get associated with you, for your entire life. Since this person will be your better half and will be with you throughout your life, it's primarily necessary that one must know all personal, professional, family and financial details of him or her, so as to prevent any regrets or problems in the future. Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations has become a name to reckon with for offering the clients with an array of Pre matrimonial Investigations.
Getting married to someone is a lifelong commitment and arguably the most important and almost an irrversible decision. Hence it becomes extremely important that one should perform take help of Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations for some basic check before getting into marriage.
In the era of online marriage, it becomes even more critical to find out few things before getting into life long commitment. There is a tendency amongst, to take everything one the face value or rely upon few common friends or relatives to get a background check from Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations of the prospective groom or bride. Although this tendency is changing at rapid pace in India but still there are many who thinks that “Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations know everything” and there is no need to spend unnecessarily on investigating or suspecting one's life partner.
It is not uncommon in Malaysia, India to lie about or manipulate few things in order to elevate oneself and get a better life partner. Such an unhealthy practise may result into mismatch. Getting into a bad marriage not only shatters the dream one had, but also leaves behind a long, lonely & painful life to live. In order to avoid such a situation and to enable you or your loved ones to take informed, correct and unbiased decision Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations.
Marriage is certainly a gamble and one could lose in the event of accepting the attractive and appealing bio-data of prospective matches blindly. As one of Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations more commonly requested services, Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations carry out a special service assisting you in taking the right decision by checking and verifying the details and information given to you by the other family.
In today's scenario, when the world has become fast paced, the dot com has revolutionaries everything and so does the marriages. Today when mostly the marriages are arranged via matrimonial websites and newspaper-ad, one can never be sure of the background of the person. Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations hence help you in making detailed investigations, so that you don't land up with the wrong person and have a happy life ahead.
There are numerous cases where the spouses, before the marriage, have physical & mental relationship with someone else, but due to many a reason get married elsewhere, Sometimes, this relationship continues even after the marriage and on being detected, the marriage sails through rough weather and mostly sinks. When detected by the spouse and during the subsequent life span one feels cheated, anguished and thus spends a miserable life thereafter. Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations, investigate, analyze and furnish you with the detailed report, thus avoiding these traumas by our in-depth investigations. You might be feeling suspicious about your would be significant other. Perhaps he's never told you his home phone number. Maybe she avoids introducing you to her friends. Possibly you don't even know where he lives, or worry that she might be lying to you about being divorced. On the other hand, maybe you have the most wonderful relationship in the world, but just want to be safe and sure. Whatever the case, Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations is here to help.
Background checks and investigations are an integral part of any fact-finding mission. If you are dating and you think things might start to get serious, or if you have some suspicions for any reason, it would be wise to have a background investigation conducted for you so that you are protected by Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations.
If you are in a relationship that is getting more serious or that might lead to marriage, it would be in your best interest to conduct a background investigation and make sure you know everything you can about your partner before committing your life to them. Or maybe your partner has been acting suspiciously and raising red flags, and you want to find out from Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations what is going on. In addition to the emotional bond between two people, it is important to be able to trust one another. Emotions tend to cloud one’s judgment. Sometimes it is hard to put your finger on the specific cause of your uneasiness, but you know something in your relationship is off.
Number of marital alliances develop problems due to the suspected activities of life partners or unrevealed informations. Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations, marital investigation services include pre-marital & post-marital inquiries. From checking out the personal & financial details of a marriage prospect, to exploring the possibilities of extra-marital affairs, Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations offer our world class investigative capabilities to find the right information every time for our customers.
Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations unearth the truth and put forth a clearer picture, thus enabling our client to take the right decision. Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations also ensure to maintain integrity of our services & all investigations are conducted with utmost care and complete secrecy is maintained.
In our pre matrimonial investigations, Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations thoroughly and confidentially verify the credentials presented at the time of alliance. FlyS Investigator pre matrimonial investigations also undertake background checks to further confirm the character and trust worthiness of the individual concerned.
Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations undertake the investigations pertaining to all the major aspects of an individual's past as well as the present life. Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations private investigators are well experienced in conducting detailed investigations and presenting you the most correct and detailed information regarding your would be better half. Further, Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations also assure you of complete secrecy of your personal information and accurate results of your problems. Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations investigation regarding the pre matrimonial subject covers the overall perspective of an individual's life. Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations, being a top notch detective agency, conducts a thorough and comprehensive investigation before you get into an arranged alliance. Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations help you in knowing your better half by verifying all the credentials of him/her. Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations help you in making your married lives harmonious by providing you adequate information about your better half, before hand itself, so that you get into a new phase of life with the right person and do not repent your decisions later on.
Typical warning signs includes:
Excessive defensive and accusatory behavior, uncharacteristic forgetfulness and lying, secret phone calls, odd hours at work, sudden change in sex drive, and other questionable or unusual behavior.
Has your partner been hiding or avoiding discussing his or her past?
Have you met any of his or her friends, family, or coworkers?
Has your partner asked to use your credit card or for a small loan? Has he or she been unusually curious about your finances?
Has your partner been overly curious about your whereabouts?
Has it turned from cute and flattering to obsessive and intrusive?
Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations has been undertaking these assignments since the last 34 years, at a very high success rate, to the entire satisfaction of our clients in India & Internationally, This dimension of our service is focused more as our social commitment, than a major interest.
The Educational, Financial and Family details given, may be far from the truth which might leads to financial & social traumas and an anguished, horrible life, with a seeming innocent “Spouse to be”. The “CHARACTER” (which consists of 20 factors) of the seemingly innocent “Spouse to be”, might actually be totally contradictory to that stated. Information like, Educational Qualifications, Employement, Business, Financial Status, Family Background, Social Status & Habits like Drinking, Smoking, Flirting, Gambling, Criminal Records, Sexual preferences etc., might run into big volumes. If not investigated before Solemnizing the Marriage.
The fertility of the women & potency of the man (Libido level), is the ultimate bliss of the marriage life. Statistical facts reveal that 25% of the marriages are incompatible, because of factors, due to which innumerable number of divorce and other socio-physchological problems haunt one for the rest of life. Qualified Doctors, Pathologists, Graphalogists, Face Analyst, and other Experts on Character Analysis, who can unravel most of these anomalies are on Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations panel. Typically a Pre Matrimonial Enquiry covers following aspects:
Relationship Status:
Individuals present relationship status (affair) is assessed by keeping him / her under discreet watch, especially on weekends & holidays apart from regular days.
At times, social media screening comes handy, other, a discreet check in the residence vicinity.
Past affairs are probed by discreetly checking at school / college attended by subject, employment place / office & past residences.
Marital Status:
Under this Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations check if the subject is already married or was married before. At times this information is not disclosed before marriage and later creates trouble. It is not uncommon to come across cases where this information was kept hidden and later ended with divorce. This is checked mainly checked by going through marriage registration records apart from discreet check with other available sources.
If the individual is divorcee / separated, reasons for separation is checked.
Bad Habits:
Bad habits such as alcoholism, excessive smoking, drug abuse, gambling, prostitution, etc greatly disturbs the married life, many a times ending with divorce & tough legal battles. It has been observed that divorce due to such bad habits are on high rise since 2005. Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations discreetly check on such bad habits and report to you with supporting facts / evidences.
Present / Previous Employment Checks:
Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations check on present employment details such as name of the organization, designation, salary, job profile, overall performance, relationship with colleagues, reputation, etc. It is not uncommon to inflate about salary.
Moreover, past employments are checked mainly for any misbehavior, fraud, disciplinary action, etc. At times, past affair or bad habit comes into light from such discreet check at employment place.
Income & Financial Details:
Individuals income from one or various source/s is discreetly evaluated apart from checking on assets owned, residence ownership, vehicles owned, etc are checked. It further include checking for any concerning liability in terms of loan, mortgage, debt, etc.
Family Background:
Details on family members as to members in the family, their general character & occupation, involvement into any serious anti social / illegal activity, social reputation, relationship with relatives, etc are discovered through discreet investigation.
Social Status:
Every individual is perceived uniquely by the society or social circle. Here Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations check for social reputation of the subject among his/her social circle. Needless to mention, Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations do not enquire with his friends / relatives but has proven modus operandi to gather such information in a highly discreet manner.
Personality Traits:
Personality traits are actions, attitudes, behaviors and so on for an individual. Each individual is unique having specific values, temperament, etc. Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations check for individuals personality in an accurate and discreet manner.
Health Status:
Health is wealth. It is important to check for any concerning health issue an individual may have.
Educational Background Check:
Educational qualifications / degrees are verified. Lying about educational qualification is not uncommon.
Criminal Background Check:
Records at concerned local police station is checked apart from discreetly checking with other available sources.
Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations would be more than happy to accommodate your need to check on any other specific aspect/s. Call today and let us conduct a background investigation to see if your partner is who they claim to be.
One of Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations common and special service, that assist you in taking the right decision by verifying and checking the details given to you by other family. Marriage can make your girls’ life heaven or hell. Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations would always suggest that you should not take chances for your loved ones. Later you repent, and she stands you responsible for ruining her married life by not getting pre matrimonial detective service.
 Fly Investigator pre matrimonial investigations verify information relating to the boy/girl.
  • Boy/girl Character Verification
  • Social reputation verification of boy/girl
  • Information on boy/girl employment or business
  • Complete background status of their activities
  • Education history
  • Past broken/unbroken Marriages
  • Reputation and social status of the family
  • Financial background of the family
  • All Pre Matrimonial Investigations Services Delhi are operated and conducted under complete secrecy with utmost care.

Missing Person Services

Accredited Private investigation Agency in Malaysia

Our private investigation agency Malaysia offers missing person services to aid our clients in tracking down missing people regardless of the location. We give aid to our clients who are seeking for a missing person or even to find a long lost family member. Our private investigation agency also provides services in finding missing children, kidnapping, lost love, missing pets, missing employee due to fraud, and many more. We assist our clients with this missing person investigation service whether in Malaysia, or any other countries.
Efficient Missing Person Investigation Service in KL & Klang Valley, Malaysia
Call our private investigation agency Malaysia now for missing person investigation service, tracking down missing person service, finding lost person in Malaysia and tracking down family in overseas service.

Matrimonial Investigation Services

Detective Firm in Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley & Selangor, Malaysia
Our detective firm provides matrimonial investigation service that includes spouse’s surveillance and pre-marital background checks. Our detective firm is specialized in cheating spouse investigations and investigation of unfaithfulness. We handle these cases with supreme caution by using reserved methods as these investigations can be super sensitive to those involved. Our detective firm’s goal is to put a stop to our client’s misery and doubts with our fast yet subtle matrimonial investigation to provide answers to all the questions that haunt them. Our detective firm has an extensive experience as we have been handling these investigations for years in Malaysia, and our method of evidence gathering in numerous matrimonial investigation cases have been proven the fastest and the best in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. 
Specialised Cheating Spouse Investigation in Malaysia
Speak to our professional private investigator now for matrimonial investigation service in Malaysia, investigation of unfaithfulness, spouse’s surveillance investigation service or monitoring of spouse whereabouts & spouse activities and pre-marital background and pre marriage status check services.

Fraud Investigation Services

Affordable Private Detective Investigator in Klang Valley and KL, Malaysia

Our private detective investigator Malaysia provides fraud investigation services in investigating financial frauds. Our team of private investigators are specialists in investigating financial frauds from bribery and embezzlement to forgery and money laundering schemes. Our private detective investigator Malaysia works with experienced fraud examiners in order to find the best answer to client’s fraud cases. We also provide assistant to clients who have been scammed into insurance frauds in Malaysia.
Financial & Insurance Fraud Investigation Services in Malaysia
Get our private detective investigator in Malaysia now for fraud investigation services, financial fraud investigation services, insurance fraud investigation service and bank frauds investigation service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia.

Divorce Cases And Alimony

There may be some grounds on the basis of which you have filed for a divorce or planning to do it. As the court decisions are based on facts and evidence, Fly Investigator experts would help you to get the fact out with evidence so that you can put forward your case in a much stronger manner to the court. For getting the divorce adultery, desertion, cruelty, impotency and chronic disease are the main grounds for divorce in India. Fly Investigator understands the law and that is why Fly Investigator are able to understand your problem better than others. also, if the other party is demanding heavy alimony inspire of being Fly Investigator employed, and then Fly Investigator can help you to prove this fact and save you from a fortune. Usually, Fly Investigator divide the case into two phases. In the first phase, Fly Investigator find out whether she/he is working somewhere. In the second phase, Fly Investigator get the documentary proof in order to enable you to prove in the court.
Fly Investigator offers highly acclaimed Private Detective Services in Malaysia, India. Fly Investigator help in resolving all the concerns of Fly Investigator clients, relating to matters like Infidelity/Adultery and Divorce. Fly Investigator help GRS Investigator clients by discussing the each and every detail of your case and then look ahead to strategies the required plan of action to save you from getting cheated. Since Fly Investigator is the Top Detective Agency in Malaysia, India, Fly Investigator take care of the overall needs of Fly Investigator clients. Fly Investigator knows that the pain of betrayal can kill you from inside and the worst part is experiencing that pain due to the person you think loves you the most. Fly Investigator are backed by highly skilled detectives, who help you by providing the exact proof of Infidelity/ Adultery by your better half. Fly Investigator are one of the best Matrimonial Detectives and hence Fly Investigator guarantee for Fly Investigator services relating to marriage and relationships. Last but not the least, FlyS Investigator guarantee high levels of accuracy and privacy in all the services Fly Investigator imparts.
Fly Investigator conduct investigations on either of the partners, when the other finds something fishy and suspicious, in terms of behaviour and activities. Fly Investigator help you in knowing the reasons behind the infidelity by your partner, so that your relations are not turned sour. Fly Investigator conduct a detailed investigation to make you know every aspect of your relationship and also to help you discover what Fly Investigator wrong where.
Any kind of false claims and doubts become the major reason for conflicts arising in married lives of a couple. These disputes are major reason for desperation and depression. The investigations by Fly Investigator help you to save your relationships and your marriage by providing you highly accurate information regarding your better half and his/her infidelity towards you. These professionals are trained to deal with particular circumstances and carry on with proceedings in a special manner. Fly Investigator hence act as a savior for you and your relationship and help you take a verdict regarding your relationship.
Even the prospect and humility of having to discuss your situation is a daunting prospect. Fly Investigator believe you that you may have doubts about hiring a private investigator to watch your cheating wife or cheating husband and Fly Investigator empathize with you. Fly Investigator understand that you want to believe them and that you want your doubts and concerns to go away and for your life to get back to normal.
Fly Investigator will attempt to develop a profile for a spouse by conducting activity checks, background investigations, and asset searches.

Corporate Investigation

Corporate Investigation
We also cater our corporate clients with range of investigative services. Our vast experience in corporate investigation and intelligence can be utilized in assisting corporations in dealing with various organizational problems such as non compliance, misconduct, corrupt practices, fraud, disputes and others by providing investigative services which includes intelligence procurement as part of its deliverables such as background check, security vetting and lifestyle observation of a particular staff or individuals.
Intelligence procurement is a crucial part of an investigation process as it determines the bearing of the investigation conducted. It also adds value in facilitating the management decision based on the findings concluded.

Corporate Cyber Investigation

In view of the advancement of information technology and the fast flow of information through cyber space, the reputation and image of a corporation can adversely be impacted if the brand name received negative online reputation.
As such, We cater our corporate clients with range of cyber investigative services. Some of the services that we render are:-
1. Cyber Fraud Detection
2. Cyber Spying -Internet Monitoring
3. Competitive Intelligence
4. Online reputation Management & Brand Protection.

Cheating Spouse Investigation

Infidelity/Cheating Spouse Investigation
We specializes in cheating spouse investigations. We understand how sensitive these investigations are to those involved and it is our goal to provide our clients with the answers to the questions that haunt them.
When it comes to Infidelity Investigation, our #1 goal is to get the truth, whatever that may be. We recognize that every case is different and involves its own set of unique circumstances. We will have different approaches based on the objectives set by each client which includes planning ahead with you on the necessary measures and finding the best way to mitigate expected challenges and obstacles in discovering the truth.

Business Partner Investigation Services

Professional Business & Business Partner Investigation Services in Malaysia
Our professional business and business partner investigation services in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia, provide corporate investigation service, commercial risk consultancy, business information, corporate marketing strategy and market assessment, business partners’ loyalty or breach of trust.  Our professional business and business partner investigation services in Malaysia helps you knowing your business partners and we do background check investigations to assist with taking on new business partners and corporate activities and corporate trade surveillance.
Effective Business Investigation Services in whole Malaysia

Background Checks

Background Checks
We specialize in getting background information on individuals and corporations. Our background checks services are unique because we offer our clients the opportunity to tailor the background checking to fit their needs. When you call us, you speak to a live person who will take the time to listen to you and take in our case information. We will then consult with you on what database searches you should run in order to accomplish the objectives of your background investigation.

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